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Introduced many new and quality techniques in Kanpur for the first time -

Laser Hair reduction by Fast Delivery Pulse mode

It has made the laser procedure totally pain-free and very comfortable, and at the same time has proved equally effective.


A novel and much needed concept for people of Kanpur. It offers various procedures which have proven time and again to provide instant benefits along with long term anti-ageing benefits too.

Fractionated microneedling Radiofrequency

Fractionated microneedling radiofrequency for treatment of acne scars, non-surgical face lifting and under eye rejuvenation. This technology has now gained world-wide acceptance by both doctors and patients because of better results and virtually no downtime and is rapidly gaining over lasers and other procedures.

Nail peels

We are the only one in Kanpur to offer peels for nail rejuvenation; to make nail plate healthy and shiny.

Additionally, all these treatments are provided in a serene and peaceful environment. The clinic is a fresh, new, clean and comfortable place to undergo these treatments.